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Project management, digital & connected e-tools, the appropriate event equipment. From trade shows through incentives to road shows. bkp has the know-how and experience to make your event a top-level event. In line with the slogan: Passion. As standard.

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Your full-service event agency with premium standards.

Project management, digital & connected e-tools, the appropriate event equipment. From trade shows through incentives to road shows. bkp has the know-how and experience to implement events at the highest level. In line with the slogan: Passion. As standard.


Creating ideas, formulating goals, planning projects, developing strategies, managing personnel, ensuring quality - effective project management brings many complex disciplines together. bkp is an idea shaper, unconventional thinker, project manager and concept developer turning events into experiences. The fundamental basis of any project: enormous meticulousness, passion for what we do, exclusive equipment, decades of experience and highly qualified staff.


Enthusiasm for the car is the cornerstone of common action. bkp is glad to share this euphoria: tailor-made event packages with addictive potential - on famous race tracks, in the desert or on frozen lakes of the polar circle. The home of bkp is where the car key fits.


At home on the ideal line - with bkp’s instructors and explainers who are experienced with motorsports and products. The enthusiasm for interaction between man and machine has become more varied than ever: At bkp, biturbo meets battery, naturally aspirated engine meets super-charger. bkp welcomes the new automotive era with a spectacular drift and great automotive expertise.


bkp showcases products – whether static or agile. bkp develops concepts for and implements unique product presentations and spectacular road shows. The drive: a thirst for automotive knowledge. bkp disposes of a highly qualified team with extensive know-how in the cutting-edge fields of connected services, automation, car-sharing and e-mobility. bkp is the full-service provider for conception, visual design and implementation of 3D brand architecture and trade show construction. The promise: creative ideas, transparent planning and efficient time and budget management.


Where online education and face-to-face training are combined in a meaningful way, this is what we call blended learning. This is where bkp is at home. bkp has perfect control over flipchart and iPad, metaplan wall and touch table, seminar room and virtual classroom. bkp runs product trainings with didactic expertise - practice and target group oriented.

bkp develops e-learning and traditional training formats - including strategic consulting, programming of learning environment and provision of learning technologies. E-learning, micro-learning, blended learning - the range of services is as diverse as the methods used by bkp. The ambitious goal - an all-in-one digital training: diversion, sustainability, learning success.


Welcome to the world of available digital options. bkp offers customized iOS and Android apps as well as browser-based tools for the precise planning and successful implementation of events. bkp advises, develops and supports to meet individual requirements. 


As operator of the Daimler test sites and the Bosch test site in Sweden, as owner of the auto motor und sport Driving Center Groß Dölln, a combination of race track and driving safety center in the north of Berlin, and as shareholder of the driving safety centers at the Nürburgring and Sachsenring, bkp has the expertise to take over the technical and commercial management of these institutions and to market and organise motorsport events.

More information at bkp-gmbh.de