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Drift Trainings

Drifting is just fun. Anyone who was going sideways once would do it again any time. To practise this hobby without danger, we offer various training courses on our premises to all friends of a cultivated drifting experience - from the starter experience for complete drift novices to trainings for expert drifters. Always under the guidance of experienced professionals. Trainings are rapidly fully booked – so choose quickly and book directly online.

Learn to drift at the Driving Safety Centre Nürburgring

Discover new dimensions of your car in our drift courses. You will practice special techniques in small groups, forcing your vehicle to oversteer while maintaining full control. Our team consists of skilled professionals who stand beside you and ensure safety during drift lessons.

Have a look at our offer and find the perfect drift training course for any experience level. Novice drifters will drift their first bends and professionals can promote the targeted improvement of their skills in all areas.
Anyone who has ever drifted on the asphalt will never forget this experience.

How do you learn to drift?

Before you learn to drift, you must first understand what drifting is about. The art of drifting is all about oversteering the car in a bend, thus getting it to go sideways while maintaining control. Correct countersteering ensures that the vehicle behaves the way you want it to. This countersteering is essential and is part of the fundamentals of drifting.

Light vehicles with high engine output are particularly suitable for drifting. Given their low weight and the strong performance, such vehicles achieve drifts faster.

Contents of our drift training courses

At the beginning of our drift training, we provide you with a short briefing in which we discuss the theoretical basics. To accustom yourself, the warm-up slalom then starts with the prior adjustment of the correct sitting position. And to get somewhat closer to the perfect drift, we then continue with special drift exercises.

Steering technique: Correct steering is essential to drift safely. The position of the steering wheel and any movements of the steering wheel have an immediate effect on the position of the front wheels. We will show you how to use the steering wheel correctly, so you always retain full control.

Look direction: Always keep an eye on your surroundings and observe what is happening around you. We show you how to make use of the correct look direction preventing you from losing sight of the road when drifting.
Initiation of a drift: Caution is required especially when initiating the drift manoeuvre. We show you how to safely make your car lose grip on the rear wheels.

Hold drift: After the rear axle swerves, the car can be kept in drift for any length of time. Here we show you how to drift for a longer period of time without oversteering the car.

Controlled drift finishing: Being able to finish a drift in a controlled manner is essential for your own safety. We will make sure the car gets back on track.

For a special driving experience, we also offer drifting exercises on watered asphalt. Due to the water between tyre and road, adhesion is substantially lower, an effect we can use to our advantage when drifting.

In addition, you are given the opportunity to drive on different routes and thus apply the newly gained knowledge in practice. With this new driving technique, you are well on your way to experiencing the art of drifting for yourself.

Further information on our drift training courses

Should you have any questions or need further information on our drift courses, please do not hesitate to contact us Simply contact us via our contact form or call us directly. We are sure to find the perfect solution for you.

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