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Belmot Classic Car Training

Special driver safety training for old and very old vehicles,

no water obstacles & no skid plate

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from 329,- € per person
approx. 9 hrs
Perfect for very old vehicles


Especially suitable for very old vehicles


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approx. 7,5 hours

Maximum group size




Previous knowledge required


Rate per person (incl. VAT)

Participant 329,- € / Co-driver 49,- €

Food & Drink

Lunch buffet incl. one soft drink and a coffee




Theory briefing, slalom course and sitting position, steering techniques and look direction, braking techniques, avoidance manoeuvres and cornering on sliding surfaces, regularity rally with award ceremonies and winner’s trophies; (programme modifications reserved)

Classic car driver safety training for vintage cars

Modern vehicles support the driver with a whole range of assistance systems, such as an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control or emergency brake assistant. For classic and vintage cars, this is a different story since what is required here is still the driver’s skill. To increase safety the Nürburgring Driving Safety Centre offers a specific driver safety training for classic cars. The purpose is that you familiarize with all the knowledge you need when driving a vintage car.

The Nürburgring Driving Safety Centre is the perfect partner to impart this knowledge. On an area of approx. 130,000 square metres, various open-air and training areas provide state-of-the-art technology. You can choose among a broad range of exercise scenarios with obstacles, changing road surfaces and skid plates. We also dispose of various training rooms and bistro-restaurants to provide you with the best possible support even outside the vehicle. Our driving trainers have many years of experience and acquired considerable expertise knowledge - also with vintage automobiles.

Who is a classic car training intended for?

The “classic car” safety training is aimed at all drivers who own a vintage car or who regularly take the wheel of a classic car. Whatever the type of vehicle or classic car model. The driver safety training, which is conducted by experienced staff, is suitable for all vintage cars, be it a Porsche 911, Opel Kadett or Fiat 500.   You have the possibility to participate in the safety training with your own car. And of course, we take care to ensure the driving manoeuvres carried out during the event do not cause damage or excessive stress to the valuable material.

What does the driver safety training for classic cars comprise?

The contents conveyed during the driving safety training for classic cars have been specially adapted to vintage automobiles. After a theoretical briefing comprising relevant information on the technology of the vehicles, we practice the ideal sitting position, safe steering techniques and correct eye control in a slalom course. This is followed by various braking, cornering, and avoidance manoeuvre exercises. For this purpose, FSZN disposes of various areas with sliding surfaces and water obstacles. As part of the driver safety training for classic cars, you will learn to take control of a skidding vehicle without recourse to modern technology such as e.g electronic stability control. Programme modifications are reserved, especially with regard to the various classic cars that participate in the driver safety training.

Gain up-to-date driving safety in a vintage car

Our driver safety training for classic cars is intended to assist you in acquiring the skills you need to safely drive a vintage car under today’s traffic conditions. The training takes about nine hours and is conducted in a group of no more than ten participants to take due account of the individual needs of the different vehicles and their drivers. Previous experience is not required since our experienced driving instructors start each safety training by conveying basic knowledge. It is also possible to have a co-driver with you for an additional charge, catering is of course provided. Should you have further questions or special requests you can contact the Driving Safety Centre’s staff at any time via e-mail or phone.