Der Nürburgring bei Dämmerung



Top-class motorsport events, recreation activities all about mobility and engines, fun and edutainment for any age, a professional business and event location - what was opened in 1927 as a venue for car races has now long been known for offering racing experiences and entertainment all year round.

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Myth and Modernity: motorsports meet event location

Legendary race track, unique excursion destination and a modern business location - the Nürburgring combines motorsport myth with a wide variety of event and entertainment opportunities for fans, families and business customers. Ranging among the world's most stunning and challenging circuits, the Nürburgring in the heart of the Volcanic Eifel region has been making racing history since its inauguration in 1927. Names like Caracciola, Fangio and Lauda are inextricably linked with the Nordschleife track section, which Jackie Stewart reverentially baptised the "Grüne Hölle”, ie. the “Green Hell”.

Combined with the modern Grand Prix circuit, exciting adventure offers, unique conference and event locations as well as accommodation options ranging from comfortable rooms to spacious suites, the Nürburgring offers a varied programme all about experiencing, working and relaxing.

Outstanding business locations directly on the track allow clear views for every company event. Perfectly tailored to individual needs and combined with an exclusive framework programme ranging from the VIP lounge on the race day to your own racing experience on the kart track - company events at the "Ring" inspire customers and colleagues alike.
Racing fans young and old start for a discovery tour in the motorsports adventure museum ring°werk and take a look behind the scenes of nine decades of Nürburgring history during the backstage tour. Be it during a tourist drive on the legendary 20.832 kilometres of the Nordschleife, hunting for top times on the 400-metre ring°kart track or in the off-road park - Nürburgring offers are true adrenaline pumps. Co-pilots experience the ultimate adrenaline kick alongside experienced racing drivers on a thrilling drive through the 73 bends of what is called the "Grüne Hölle".

To shift down a gear or two after so much adventure, accommodation and wellness facilities to suit all tastes and budgets are available in the modern Nürburgring Congress Hotel, the unique Nürburgring Motorsport Hotel and the family-friendly Nürburgring recreation resort situated fairly close to the Nordschleife.

Whether for a day trip, a conference or a holiday, embedded in the picturesque Eifel landscape, the Nürburgring combines numerous leisure programmes and company offers in a unique way. It is thus not without reason that it ranges among Germany's ten most popular national monuments according to a Forsa survey.